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Month: November 2017

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Texas Performing Arts Presents “The Crucible”

Written by Yulissa Chavez. From November 8 to November 19, Texas Performing Arts showcased Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, a story of how ignorance, hatred and jealousy can result in the deaths of innocent people. Set in Salem, Massachusetts during the 17th century, the play begins with the fearful and paranoid Reverend Parris accusing his devious niece Abigail and his daughter […]

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LAC Volunteers for Feed My People

Written by Christina Lopez. The air was thick with conversation and the smell of coffee as over 200 people filed into First United Methodist Church just before sunrise on Tuesday, November 7th. About 30 volunteers were busy setting up tables, serving eggs, filling coffee cups, and making sure everything was ready for Feed My People, a program that serves breakfast […]

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USIT Hosts 4th Annual Texas Charity Pitch

Written by Reese Grayson. On October 28th, the University Securities Investment Team (USIT) at UT Austin held its annual Texas Charity Pitch competition. Nineteen teams each chose a national or global charity to research and pitch to judges with the goal of winning a cash donation for their chosen charity. The competition featured 17 judges involved in philanthropy through academia, […]

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Policy Brunch: Students Aim to Improve Legislation Literacy

Written by Grace Schrobilgen. On Saturday, November 4th, Liberal Arts Council Policy Coordinators Chloe Kersh and Ardian Shaholli and Vice President Quynhanh Tran hosted a Policy Brunch in the Dies Center in the College of Liberal Arts building. This event allowed council members to convene and discuss policy and brainstorm ideas for the Senate Policy Challenge. New member Ian McEntee […]

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Checking in with MasculinUT

Written by Reese Grayson Over two years ago, the UT Counseling and Mental Health Center’s Voices Against Violence program started “MasculinUT,” an initiative focused on promoting healthy masculine identities on the Forty Acres. After two years of increasing involvement on campus, MasculinUT is looking like more than a momentary project. Instead, both faculty and students together have established a program […]

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The Value of a Liberal Arts Degree

Written by Hira Vayani Unemployment, easy, useless––these are some common words people use to describe a liberal arts degree. These ignorant statements, however, are only possible through language, which has been developed through culture––the core of liberal arts. The reason this ignorance persists is that many people do not know what liberal arts means. Some people think those who pursue […]

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Liberal Arts Week: Espresso with Experts

Written by Grace Schrobilgen as part of the series of event coverage for Liberal Arts Week. From October 23-October 27, Liberal Arts Council celebrated Liberal Arts Week by putting on events to emphasize the importance of the liberal arts and highlight their relevance to current affairs, careers, nonprofits, and daily life. Thursday’s event, “Espresso with Experts,” allowed students the opportunity to […]

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Liberal Arts Week: On Helping Others for a Living

Written by Madalynn Hitchcock as part of the series of event coverage for Liberal Arts Week. When asked what she does for a living, Brittany Yelverton will say that she is a “confidence builder.” Yelverton works for the Girls’ Empowerment Network, a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering young girls and giving them the skills necessary to thrive. Through her chosen career path, […]