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Vegan Food and Fellowship: an Interview with Friday Nights Club

Written by Annyston Pennington. I stumbled upon the Friday Nights Club one afternoon in the West Mall. Events Coordinator, Michel Lee, and Chair, Weslie Onsando, were handing out free samples of vegan street corn, potato salad, and Juiceland juices set out in a colorful table display. While nibbling on the vegan potato salad—which was delicious—I asked about the organization. Michel […]

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Planned Parenthood Protests Culminate on UT’s Gregory Plaza

Written by Annyston Pennington and Kristi Kamesch. Today, November 6th, in front of Gregory Gym on UT’s campus, the pro-life organization Texas Students for Life conducted a demonstration against Planned Parenthood. The protest, called, “The Planned Parenthood Project,” involves a traveling display at campuses all over the country, which includes 897 pink crosses lined up on the ground. According to Texas Students for […]

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UT Tuition Increase Discussed at LAC Town Hall

Written by Annyston Pennington. On November 4th in the Glickman Center of the CLA building, the Liberal Arts Council and its internal College Ambassadors committee coordinated a town hall meeting to discuss a proposed tuition increase with Dean Randy Diehl of the College of Liberal Arts, UT Student Regent Justin Drake, and Texas Tribune higher education reporter Matthew Watkins. Moderated by […]

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Women’s Health and Heated Debate: Texas Tribune Festival Event “Texas v. Abortion”

Written by Annyston Pennington. On October 17th, the second day of Texas Tribune Festival events, a panel convened in a lecture hall on the University of Texas campus to discuss the ever-controversial issue, “Texas v. Abortion.” Residing on the panel were: State Representative Republican Matt Krause, First Assistant Attorney General Chip Roy, Stephanie Toti, Senior Counsel for the Center for Reproductive […]

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Liberal Arts Week Event: on “We Speak for the Trees”

Written by Andy Cerecero and Annyston Pennington. On October 15th, the Campus and Community Focus committee of the Legislative Student Organization known as the Liberal Arts Council held its “We Speak For The Trees” event. The event, cleverly named from Dr. Seuss book The Lorax, was held in the Glickman room of the Liberal Arts building. The main objective of this event was […]

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Maggie Nelson and “The Argonauts”: Guest Speakers on Campus

Written by Annyston Pennington. “October, 2007. The Santa Ana winds are shredding the bark off the eucalyptus trees in long white stripes,” Maggie Nelson began, reading from her latest novel, The Argonauts, at an event on Monday, September 18th. Nelson, an author and critic, was invited for a reading and discussion hosted by the University of Texas’s Dr. Ann Cvetkovich for […]