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Planned Parenthood Protests Culminate on UT’s Gregory Plaza

Written by Annyston Pennington and Kristi Kamesch. Today, November 6th, in front of Gregory Gym on UT’s campus, the pro-life organization Texas Students for Life conducted a demonstration against Planned Parenthood. The protest, called, “The Planned Parenthood Project,” involves a traveling display at campuses all over the country, which includes 897 pink crosses lined up on the ground. According to Texas Students for […]

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UT Tuition Increase Discussed at LAC Town Hall

Written by Annyston Pennington. On November 4th in the Glickman Center of the CLA building, the Liberal Arts Council and its internal College Ambassadors committee coordinated a town hall meeting to discuss a proposed tuition increase with Dean Randy Diehl of the College of Liberal Arts, UT Student Regent Justin Drake, and Texas Tribune higher education reporter Matthew Watkins. Moderated by […]

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Texas Book Festival Event: Sandra Cisneros on Chicana Feminism, Art, and Identity

Written by Sarah Lynn Neal. “I feel very young at 60,” Sandra Cisneros said, smirking beneath her glasses at this year’s Texas Book Festival panel celebrating her work in fiction and poetry. Held at Austin’s Central Presbyterian Church, the panel commemorated her latest literary venture: the memoir. Her 2015 book entitled, A House of My Own: Stories of My Life explores […]

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A Conversation with President Fenves: Black Students Push for More Diverse UT

Written by Sarah Lynn Neal. On Thursday October 29, The Daily Texan hosted The Texan Talks in which a panel asked Fenves some hard-hitting questions followed by an open Q&A with audience members. One of the most pressing issues on campus is the lack of diversity among both students and faculty. When the panel asked what the university is doing to […]

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Women’s Health and Heated Debate: Texas Tribune Festival Event “Texas v. Abortion”

Written by Annyston Pennington. On October 17th, the second day of Texas Tribune Festival events, a panel convened in a lecture hall on the University of Texas campus to discuss the ever-controversial issue, “Texas v. Abortion.” Residing on the panel were: State Representative Republican Matt Krause, First Assistant Attorney General Chip Roy, Stephanie Toti, Senior Counsel for the Center for Reproductive […]

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Liberal Arts Week Event: on “We Speak for the Trees”

Written by Andy Cerecero and Annyston Pennington. On October 15th, the Campus and Community Focus committee of the Legislative Student Organization known as the Liberal Arts Council held its “We Speak For The Trees” event. The event, cleverly named from Dr. Seuss book The Lorax, was held in the Glickman room of the Liberal Arts building. The main objective of this event was […]

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Dan Patrick at Texas Tribune Festival: Reopening the question of church and state in Texas

Written by Cynthia Turner. The 2015 Texas Tribune Festival, hosted once again on UT’s campus, opened October 16th with Texas’s lieutenant governor, Dan Patrick as the keynote speaker. Known for his distinctly conservative stances in politics, Evan Smith, the editor-in-chief of the Tribune, introduced him as the epitome of the direction Texas politics has taken with the last statewide election. The […]

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A Senator, a Judge, and a President Walk Into a Bar

Written by Dylan Preston. There is nothing funny about politics. Yet when many Americans look at the state of American politics, they mistake it for a joke. From Hillary Clinton’s email scandal to the Republican debates, American politics looks more like a traveling circus than political discourse. Humor is everywhere in politics–now more than ever with the media hunts for ratings. Former […]

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Anonymous Internet Threats Fan Fire of Campus Carry Anxiety

Written by Kristi Kamesch. On October 5th, the 4chan “threatening web post,” as named by the UTPD, circulated UT students’ social media platforms. The post is one in a series of threads that use identical wording to make threats against a city or region. It mimicked the threat that preceded the shooting at Umpqua Community College in Oregon on October 1, […]

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Liberal Arts Week Event: on “Voting in America”

Written by William Moessinger. October 14 at 7 pm in the Glickman Center, the Academic Affairs committee of Liberal Arts Council organized “Voting in America,” one of several events comprising Liberal Arts Week, which sought to increase voter participation and political awareness among UT students. Students who attended were provided with free pizza and an opportunity to engage with Dr. Bob […]

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Republican No Hitter

Written by JoJo Phillips. Near the end of the second Republican presidential debate, CNN’s Jake Tapper lobbed a slow and easy softball up to the candidates: “Earlier this year the Treasury Department announced that a woman will appear on the $10 bill. What woman would you like to see on the $10 bill?” Tapper’s query looked like a softball but there […]

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Republican Students Bring Moderate Take on Presidential Race

Written by Cynthia Turner. Months ahead of the first Republican primary and a full year and a half ahead of the presidential election, prospective candidates have lined up their campaigns before the American public. The 2016 presidential election boasts fifteen Republican candidates, but it seems to most that the diverse ideologies of the differing candidates are covered up by the alarmist […]

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CMHC Price Increase – A Detriment to UT Student Mental Health

Written by Mubarrat Choudhury. Late last year, the Division of Student Affairs conducted an online survey with the National College Health Assessment in order to understand the health issues and concerns of college students. The survey found some troubling results regarding mental health, such as over 80% of the UT student body feeling overwhelmed or exhausted with academics. This specific statistic […]

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Maggie Nelson and “The Argonauts”: Guest Speakers on Campus

Written by Annyston Pennington. “October, 2007. The Santa Ana winds are shredding the bark off the eucalyptus trees in long white stripes,” Maggie Nelson began, reading from her latest novel, The Argonauts, at an event on Monday, September 18th. Nelson, an author and critic, was invited for a reading and discussion hosted by the University of Texas’s Dr. Ann Cvetkovich for […]

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In Recognition of Hispanic Heritage Month

Written by Frances Molina. **Latin@ is being used in place of Latino/Latina in order to synonymously acknowledge both men and women in the Latin@ community as well as gender neutral and gender fluid Latin@ people** From September 15th to October 15th, the United States recognizes Hispanic Heritage Month. Besides being the only national month of recognition fortunate enough to straddle […]