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Love, Sex, and Relationships

Written by Frances Molina . Want to know how to have the best sex ever? Class is in session. The amusing tagline had me hooked almost immediately. The banner advertised a conversation on love, relationships, and hookup culture. I didn’t know what to expect from the lecture since I didn’t know which campus organization would be hosting, but the talk […]

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Pride and Prejudice and Zombies?

Written by Madeleine Kenney. Zombies. Pride and Prejudice. You don’t normally expect these two nouns in the same sentence, much less a movie title, but the newly released Pride and Prejudice and Zombies movie has somehow frankensteined two radically different genres into something brilliant. To bring everyone who is not in the Jane Austen fandom up to speed, Pride and […]

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Vegan Food and Fellowship: an Interview with Friday Nights Club

Written by Annyston Pennington. I stumbled upon the Friday Nights Club one afternoon in the West Mall. Events Coordinator, Michel Lee, and Chair, Weslie Onsando, were handing out free samples of vegan street corn, potato salad, and Juiceland juices set out in a colorful table display. While nibbling on the vegan potato salad—which was delicious—I asked about the organization. Michel […]

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Iowa for Dummies: Why You Should Be Paying Attention

Written by Sarah Lynn Neal. With the 2016 presidential election almost 10 months away, you’ve probably been wondering to yourself: why should we care about the race this early in the year, and, of all fifty states, why is Iowa getting so much attention? Yes, Iowa, that seemingly insignificant, Midwestern state. Iowa’s importance in the presidential election doesn’t seem to […]

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UT’s 2015: A Year in Review

Written by Frances Molina. Photo courtesy Marsha Miller, UT News. 1. President Fenves inaugurated into office as the 29th University of Texas President During the fall of 2015, the University of Texas welcomed its 29th president, Gregory L. Fenves. Fenves began his presidency in June and celebrated his inauguration with an audience of over 1,800 faculty, students, and staff in […]

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The Tale of Two Cities: An Interview with Bo McCarver

Written by Frances Molina. I met with Bo McCarver on a muggy Tuesday afternoon at the Fannie Mae Conservatory, a renovated neighborhood monument and the epicenter of community activity for the Blackland Community Development Corporation (Blackland CDC). After a brief, cordial introduction we began. He started with the question that I had addressed to him in our email correspondence. Did […]

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Shakespeare and Spreadsheets: Researching “Pause Patterns” in Shakespeare’s Works

Written by William Moessinger. Studying English literature may involve hours of reading and writing thoughtful analyses that explore subtle textual details and overarching socio-political themes. To many, this seems like a daunting set of tasks, preferring the rigid certainty of mathematics and science. However, one English professor has spent months utilizing and examining quantitative data, as opposed to abstract critical thought, to […]

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Student organization SEAL works to improve literacy in Austin area

Written by Cynthia Turner. Texas has among the worst literacy rates in the United States. According to the Texas Center for the Advancement of Literacy and Learning, an average of 19% of Texas adults are unable to read a newspaper. The majority of those adults are living under the poverty line. Education correlates strongly to economic success, but without the right […]

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Planned Parenthood Protests Culminate on UT’s Gregory Plaza

Written by Annyston Pennington and Kristi Kamesch. Today, November 6th, in front of Gregory Gym on UT’s campus, the pro-life organization Texas Students for Life conducted a demonstration against Planned Parenthood. The protest, called, “The Planned Parenthood Project,” involves a traveling display at campuses all over the country, which includes 897 pink crosses lined up on the ground. According to Texas Students for […]

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UT Tuition Increase Discussed at LAC Town Hall

Written by Annyston Pennington. On November 4th in the Glickman Center of the CLA building, the Liberal Arts Council and its internal College Ambassadors committee coordinated a town hall meeting to discuss a proposed tuition increase with Dean Randy Diehl of the College of Liberal Arts, UT Student Regent Justin Drake, and Texas Tribune higher education reporter Matthew Watkins. Moderated by […]

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Texas Book Festival Event: Sandra Cisneros on Chicana Feminism, Art, and Identity

Written by Sarah Lynn Neal. “I feel very young at 60,” Sandra Cisneros said, smirking beneath her glasses at this year’s Texas Book Festival panel celebrating her work in fiction and poetry. Held at Austin’s Central Presbyterian Church, the panel commemorated her latest literary venture: the memoir. Her 2015 book entitled, A House of My Own: Stories of My Life explores […]

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A Conversation with President Fenves: Black Students Push for More Diverse UT

Written by Sarah Lynn Neal. On Thursday October 29, The Daily Texan hosted The Texan Talks in which a panel asked Fenves some hard-hitting questions followed by an open Q&A with audience members. One of the most pressing issues on campus is the lack of diversity among both students and faculty. When the panel asked what the university is doing to […]

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Women’s Health and Heated Debate: Texas Tribune Festival Event “Texas v. Abortion”

Written by Annyston Pennington. On October 17th, the second day of Texas Tribune Festival events, a panel convened in a lecture hall on the University of Texas campus to discuss the ever-controversial issue, “Texas v. Abortion.” Residing on the panel were: State Representative Republican Matt Krause, First Assistant Attorney General Chip Roy, Stephanie Toti, Senior Counsel for the Center for Reproductive […]