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Love, Sex, and Relationships

Written by Frances Molina . Want to know how to have the best sex ever? Class is in session. The amusing tagline had me hooked almost immediately. The banner advertised a conversation on love, relationships, and hookup culture. I didn’t know what to expect from the lecture since I didn’t know which campus organization would be hosting, but the talk […]

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UT’s 2015: A Year in Review

Written by Frances Molina. Photo courtesy Marsha Miller, UT News. 1. President Fenves inaugurated into office as the 29th University of Texas President During the fall of 2015, the University of Texas welcomed its 29th president, Gregory L. Fenves. Fenves began his presidency in June and celebrated his inauguration with an audience of over 1,800 faculty, students, and staff in […]

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The Tale of Two Cities: An Interview with Bo McCarver

Written by Frances Molina. I met with Bo McCarver on a muggy Tuesday afternoon at the Fannie Mae Conservatory, a renovated neighborhood monument and the epicenter of community activity for the Blackland Community Development Corporation (Blackland CDC). After a brief, cordial introduction we began. He started with the question that I had addressed to him in our email correspondence. Did […]

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In Recognition of Hispanic Heritage Month

Written by Frances Molina. **Latin@ is being used in place of Latino/Latina in order to synonymously acknowledge both men and women in the Latin@ community as well as gender neutral and gender fluid Latin@ people** From September 15th to October 15th, the United States recognizes Hispanic Heritage Month. Besides being the only national month of recognition fortunate enough to straddle […]