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The Actual Interview with A “Vampire”: Dr. Elizabeth Richmond-Garza on Gothic Literature

Written by Rebekah Edwards. Images by Robyn Yeh. Dr. Elizabeth Richmond-Garza undeniably has one of the most atmospheric offices at the University of Texas at Austin. Painted a deep shade of plum and adorned with a variety of entertaining knickknacks, including several Oscar Wilde action figures and a vampiric nutcracker, her fascination with the Gothic is abundantly clear. Teaching a […]

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Interview with a “Vampire”: Dr. Elizabeth Richmond-Garza on Gothic Literature

Written by Rebekah Edwards. Vampires, werewolves, zombies –– all manner of supernatural creatures have been making a comeback. Recently, scores of films, novels, and television shows have been incorporating Gothic elements to better enthrall audiences. However, although the Gothic continues to influence modern pop culture, it has only begun to do the same in academia. Frequently dismissed as illegitimate in […]

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A Culture of Silence

Written by Rebekah Edwards. Originally published as part of the Spring 2016 “Narrative” Issue. Slut shaming, victim blaming, and blatant dismissal have created a culture of silence and shame regarding sexual violence on college campuses. Recently, schools across the country have been called out on rampant sexual violence, including UT where a reported 18.5% of female undergraduates experience sexual assault. The rising awareness around sexual […]

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Snapchat and Yik Yak Might Actually Be Legitimate

Written by Rebekah Edwards. As the use of technology and social media continues to expand, the intensity of the debate over its capacity to alienate one from engaging in personal interaction has grown with it. Naturally, colleges and universities are social media hubs since they contain a high concentration of teens and twenty-somethings, the primary users of social media sites […]