The Diversity and Liberator committees of Liberal Arts Council are proud to present our monthly “Perspectives” essay competitions. The winners will be featured on The Liberator’s website and receive a $20 Visa gift card.

The topic for April is “The Future of Academia.” All submissions must be emailed to by the deadline, 11:59 pm on April 23.

How are people from marginalized communities changing the university? Is academia becoming a more inclusive space? How should universities adapt to better serve those coming from disadvantaged backgrounds? These are just some questions to consider. This broad topic will allow you to explore how faculty of color are shifting conversations in the classroom, a professor you believe embodies the future of their profession, or a vision of how you plan to change academic culture – however you choose to approach it.

Essays can be a research-based article, personal narrative, or academic paper as long as all claims are well-sourced. Papers should not be written to appeal to one particular viewpoint but instead represent the individual’s perspective on the chosen topic.

Essays will be judged on adherence to the topic, strength of argument, appropriate sources, and originality in addition to grammar and spelling. Must be 400 – 750 words in a readable font and font size and double-spaced. If applicable, all sources must be cited with an appropriate bibliography attached.

Previous Contest Winners:

Defying Gender (March 2019)

Terrane Ansley, “Yelling and Waiting”

Love (February 2019)

Ryan Hurt, “The Best Teacher”

Lorece Harris, “Love, in Extremes and in Between”

Traditions (November 2018)

Kevin Chen, “American Identity and Chinese Traditions”

Eleni Theodoropoulos, “Meet Me at the Intersection of Our Stories”

Representation in Media (September 2018)

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