The Liberator Magazine is excited to host a creative competition this semester. We hope to reach out to students and amplify voices and experiences that may not be heard otherwise. The contest is open to all UT students, and we will be taking submissions until March 1st, 2019. We are accepting works of fiction (prose, short stories), poetry, nonfiction (editorials, personal narratives/essays), different forms of visual art (painting, graphic design), and photography. Our theme for the spring print issue is “challenge.” We encourage you to explore what “challenge” means to you right now, but we also want you to be daring, genuine, and to write what is true to your experiences and perceptions of the world around you. Even if you have never written fiction or nonfiction before, even if you are not an experienced photographer- your voice deserves to be heard!

We will pick one winner from the written submissions and another winner from the visual art/photography submissions. The two winners will be published in the Spring 2019 Print Issue of The Liberator, and they will be invited to celebrate the release of the print mag with us, at our annual release party in April.Entries must be submitted to by midnight on March 1st. If you have any questions, concerns, etcetera, you can reach us at

Previous Contest Winners

Spring 2018

Bahareh Sharafi “The Unstoppable Jaguar”

Niti Majethia “The Journey”