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Food Insecurity Forces Hunger Management, UT Outpost Aims to Mitigate

Written by Bismarck Andino. Graphic by Emma Robinson. – Despite having access to eight dining locations throughout campus, some students at the University of Texas at Austin go to classes without eating a meal. Jalesha Bass, communication and leadership and journalism double major, is one student whose eating patterns have been disrupted due to financial stress. Bass said her experience […]

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Joyce Maynard’s Story: A Second Glance

Written by Dila Sarikaya.Graphic by Peyton Cabaniss. – What if your favorite star sent you a letter inviting you to visit them? Would you go? Joyce Maynard was faced with this decision in 1972 after her first article, “An 18-Year-Old Looks Back On Life,” was published in The New York Times magazine. In this article, of which she says the […]

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The Arctic Ocean Explored

Written by Allison McCarty. Graphic by Peyton Cabaniss.  – The Arctic is one of the planet’s most crucial environments, especially when it comes to the topic of climate change. Exploring the Arctic Ocean, an exhibition that is currently on display in the Visual Arts Center, exemplifies the importance of the Arctic and its Ocean as an environment and source of […]

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Hot Chocolate with Charities

Written by Shae Carey. On Monday, November 27th, the Fall 2017 new members of the Liberal Arts Council put on an event called “Hot Chocolate with Charities” that enabled students to connect with different charities while sipping on hot chocolate provided by Texas Coffee Traders. The event had the highest non-Council attendance in Liberal Arts Council history. Eighteen charities attended […]

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LAC Volunteers for Feed My People

Written by Christina Lopez. The air was thick with conversation and the smell of coffee as over 200 people filed into First United Methodist Church just before sunrise on Tuesday, November 7th. About 30 volunteers were busy setting up tables, serving eggs, filling coffee cups, and making sure everything was ready for Feed My People, a program that serves breakfast […]

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USIT Hosts 4th Annual Texas Charity Pitch

Written by Reese Grayson. On October 28th, the University Securities Investment Team (USIT) at UT Austin held its annual Texas Charity Pitch competition. Nineteen teams each chose a national or global charity to research and pitch to judges with the goal of winning a cash donation for their chosen charity. The competition featured 17 judges involved in philanthropy through academia, […]

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Policy Brunch: Students Aim to Improve Legislation Literacy

Written by Grace Schrobilgen. On Saturday, November 4th, Liberal Arts Council Policy Coordinators Chloe Kersh and Ardian Shaholli and Vice President Quynhanh Tran hosted a Policy Brunch in the Dies Center in the College of Liberal Arts building. This event allowed council members to convene and discuss policy and brainstorm ideas for the Senate Policy Challenge. New member Ian McEntee […]

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Liberal Arts Week: Espresso with Experts

Written by Grace Schrobilgen as part of the series of event coverage for Liberal Arts Week. From October 23-October 27, Liberal Arts Council celebrated Liberal Arts Week by putting on events to emphasize the importance of the liberal arts and highlight their relevance to current affairs, careers, nonprofits, and daily life. Thursday’s event, “Espresso with Experts,” allowed students the opportunity to […]

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Liberal Arts Week: On Helping Others for a Living

Written by Madalynn Hitchcock as part of the series of event coverage for Liberal Arts Week. When asked what she does for a living, Brittany Yelverton will say that she is a “confidence builder.” Yelverton works for the Girls’ Empowerment Network, a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering young girls and giving them the skills necessary to thrive. Through her chosen career path, […]

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Liberal Arts Week: Non-Profits and the Liberal Arts

Written by Varun Hukeri as part of the series of event coverage for Liberal Arts Week. An education in the liberal arts leads to a plethora of opportunities and careers after graduation. One of these many paths is a career in a non-profit organization. Today, non-profits are 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organizations that pursue a certain set of goals. The Liberal Arts Council […]

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Throwback to Tribune: The Right Response on Sexual Assault

Written by Varun Hukeri. Imagine the relationship between a university and its students through the lens of the social contract theory. Students voluntarily agree to follow the rules of the university, and in turn the university ensures a set of guarantees to the students. If a student violates the rules of the university, they face certain consequences. What happens when […]

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Throwback to Tribune: Veep Imitates Life

Written by Brooke Quach. On September 23, 2017, Frank Rich, writer and producer of HBO’s award-winning comedy Veep, appeared via Skype at the largest Texas Tribune Festival ever. To begin the panel, the moderator Jacob Weisberg stated, “Although I think that the official title of our panel is ‘Veep Imitates Life,’ after watching this season, I certainly have the feeling […]

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Throwback to Tribune: “One on One with Beto O’Rourke”

Written by Christina Lopez. The “One on One with Beto O’Rourke” convened on September 23rd, 2017 during the seventh annual Texas Tribune Festival. O’Rourke is a Democratic congressman from El Paso, Texas, who has been making waves throughout the state after he announced his “longshot race” for the Senate against Republican incumbent Ted Cruz in 2018. Texas Tribune CEO Evan […]

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Throwback to Tribune: “Race and Law Enforcement”

Written by Jacob Hood. Images by Texas Tribune. The panel for “Race and Law Enforcement” convened on September 24th at the AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center for the sixth annual Texas Tribune Festival. The panel consisted of Art Acevedo, Chief of the Austin Police Department, Marc Levin, Director of the Center for Effective Justice and Right on Crime at […]

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Throwback to Tribune: Phil Collins on The Alamo

Written by Nikki LaSalla. Images by The Texas Tribune. The stage was set: a picture of the Alamo Mission displayed on screens flanking the small panel. As the speakers walked out, moderator Stephan Harrington said what most of the crowd was surely thinking: Why was Phil Collins, winner of seven Grammy Awards, Disney legend, English singer-songwriter, speaking at a panel on […]