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Category: Praveena Javvadi

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Good bye

Written by Praveena Javvadi. Graphic by Quynhmai Tran. I wonder if goodbyes ever work out that way. Where you say what you think and you know what you mean. Where a goodbye is goodbye. When the moment feels likethe end of a sentence, on the last page of a book. I wonder if it ever works out that way.  I wonder if they’re ever good, or less painful. I […]

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College of Comparison

Written by Praveena Javvadi. Graphic by Emma Robinson. – For most people, college is the last time that they will be completely surrounded by people their own age. For that reason, university campuses can develop interesting dynamics and politics unique to the college environment. Some of this can be great, like good meme pages and inside jokes across campus. But […]

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Trains and Stations

Written by Praveena Javvadi. Graphic by Peyton Cabaniss. – You. You are the train. You will go. And you will fill. And you will come bustling apart at the sides with all kinds of Joy and despair and laughter and tears and anger. And love. And you will go. And you will fill. But I am the stop. And as […]