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Student organization SEAL works to improve literacy in Austin area

Written by Cynthia Turner. Texas has among the worst literacy rates in the United States. According to the Texas Center for the Advancement of Literacy and Learning, an average of 19% of Texas adults are unable to read a newspaper. The majority of those adults are living under the poverty line. Education correlates strongly to economic success, but without the right […]

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Dan Patrick at Texas Tribune Festival: Reopening the question of church and state in Texas

Written by Cynthia Turner. The 2015 Texas Tribune Festival, hosted once again on UT’s campus, opened October 16th with Texas’s lieutenant governor, Dan Patrick as the keynote speaker. Known for his distinctly conservative stances in politics, Evan Smith, the editor-in-chief of the Tribune, introduced him as the epitome of the direction Texas politics has taken with the last statewide election. The […]

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Republican Students Bring Moderate Take on Presidential Race

Written by Cynthia Turner. Months ahead of the first Republican primary and a full year and a half ahead of the presidential election, prospective candidates have lined up their campaigns before the American public. The 2016 presidential election boasts fifteen Republican candidates, but it seems to most that the diverse ideologies of the differing candidates are covered up by the alarmist […]