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Planned Parenthood Protests Culminate on UT’s Gregory Plaza

Written by Annyston Pennington and Kristi Kamesch. Today, November 6th, in front of Gregory Gym on UT’s campus, the pro-life organization Texas Students for Life conducted a demonstration against Planned Parenthood. The protest, called, “The Planned Parenthood Project,” involves a traveling display at campuses all over the country, which includes 897 pink crosses lined up on the ground. According to Texas Students for […]

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Anonymous Internet Threats Fan Fire of Campus Carry Anxiety

Written by Kristi Kamesch. On October 5th, the 4chan “threatening web post,” as named by the UTPD, circulated UT students’ social media platforms. The post is one in a series of threads that use identical wording to make threats against a city or region. It mimicked the threat that preceded the shooting at Umpqua Community College in Oregon on October 1, […]

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Putting the “A” in STEAM: Pre-Med as a Liberal Arts Major

Written by Kristi Kamesch. It is unexpected to find liberal arts students who take predominately STEM courses, but it turns out that a select few do exist as pre-med CoLA students. A study published in Academic Medicine “A Liberal Arts Education as Preparation for Medical School: How Is it Valued? How Do Graduates Perform?” indicated that liberal arts educated students are perceived as […]