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Iowa for Dummies: Why You Should Be Paying Attention

Written by Sarah Lynn Neal. With the 2016 presidential election almost 10 months away, you’ve probably been wondering to yourself: why should we care about the race this early in the year, and, of all fifty states, why is Iowa getting so much attention? Yes, Iowa, that seemingly insignificant, Midwestern state. Iowa’s importance in the presidential election doesn’t seem to […]

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Texas Book Festival Event: Sandra Cisneros on Chicana Feminism, Art, and Identity

Written by Sarah Lynn Neal. “I feel very young at 60,” Sandra Cisneros said, smirking beneath her glasses at this year’s Texas Book Festival panel celebrating her work in fiction and poetry. Held at Austin’s Central Presbyterian Church, the panel commemorated her latest literary venture: the memoir. Her 2015 book entitled, A House of My Own: Stories of My Life explores […]

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A Conversation with President Fenves: Black Students Push for More Diverse UT

Written by Sarah Lynn Neal. On Thursday October 29, The Daily Texan hosted The Texan Talks in which a panel asked Fenves some hard-hitting questions followed by an open Q&A with audience members. One of the most pressing issues on campus is the lack of diversity among both students and faculty. When the panel asked what the university is doing to […]

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On Navigating New Media

Written by Sarah Lynn Neal. Social networking, for many people, has displaced the newspaper. We are given the ability to track current events occurring around the world through a device we hold in the palms of our hands. The age of sharing information has reached its height, and we are in the thick of it. As for social media’s ability to provoke […]