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Category: The Language Issue

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Shakespeare and Spreadsheets: Researching “Pause Patterns” in Shakespeare’s Works

Written by William Moessinger. Studying English literature may involve hours of reading and writing thoughtful analyses that explore subtle textual details and overarching socio-political themes. To many, this seems like a daunting set of tasks, preferring the rigid certainty of mathematics and science. However, one English professor has spent months utilizing and examining quantitative data, as opposed to abstract critical thought, to […]

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Student organization SEAL works to improve literacy in Austin area

Written by Cynthia Turner. Texas has among the worst literacy rates in the United States. According to the Texas Center for the Advancement of Literacy and Learning, an average of 19% of Texas adults are unable to read a newspaper. The majority of those adults are living under the poverty line. Education correlates strongly to economic success, but without the right […]