Written by Olivia Mizell.

On October 13th, 2015, the College Ambassadors Committee of the Liberal Arts Council hosted an event titled Capitol Investment. This event was created in order to give students an inside look at what a job in the capitol, whether it be a senator position or an intern, consisted of. In addition to a prominent speaker, there were several organizations tabling. They were there to promote politicians, such as the Students for Rand Paul and Jeb Bush. The event inspired students to each make their mark on the community by being active members of our community and engaging in the politics around us.

The main speaker of the event was Senator Kirk Watson of District 14 in Texas, which includes most of Travis County and Bastrop County. Prior to holding this position, Watson was the Mayor of Austin for four years. Senator Watson’s charisma came through as he was able to sprinkle lighthearted jokes throughout his discussion of serious topics.

The event inspired students to each make their mark on the community by being active members of our community and engaging in the politics around us.

Senator Watson highlighted how important it is for us to be registered voters. Campus Carry and college affordability were the main focuses of his talk. He stated that the contention between citizens and legislators is a “classic example of how important it is to be involved in the political process.” Elections matter even for students. We have a say in what laws are passed by voting for the representatives we believe are the best for us. Watson also pleaded for students to “learn, get knowledgeable, and get involved.” Overall, Watson was an incredibly inspiring speaker. He was not there to try to encourage us to vote for him; he was there to hear about our personal concerns. Not only did Senator Watson encourage students to vote, he encouraged students to vote for whomever is best for them, saying, “if you care about your future, be selfish.” By this he means to vote for who would be best for you. He believes that the future is up to us.

‘If you care about your future, be selfish.’

This event was interesting, informative, and inspiring, which was evident in the fact that students flocked to the politicians tabling around them. The people manning these tables were informed and amicable, and it was the perfect complement to Senator Watson’s speech. Also, members of College Ambassadors were certified to register voters, giving students the opportunity to make sure they could get involved. UT is fortunate to be placed down the street from the Texas Capitol building. Everyday, students have a visual reminder that who works in the Capitol building is up to how, or if, we vote. The Capitol Investment event further encouraged this involvement.

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