Letter from the Staff

In light of the recent reports concerning the untimely loss of UT freshman Haruka Weiser, we at The Liberator express our deepest condolences to Haruka’s family and friends. When tragedy hits one corner of campus, all of campus grieves.

We also thank The Daily Texan writers for providing consistent updates of the investigation. Their work provides some consolation to students, professors, and parents as we tread together, blindly, through this time of loss and toward what we can only hope will be answers and justice. In deference of their loss, please open your hearts to Haruka’s loved ones but respect their space and the gravity of their situation.

To all of our readers who take this tragedy close to heart, we hope you will utilize our campus’s safety features such as SURE walk, which has increased their advertisement and campus presence in light of the situation, and CMHC’s mental health resources. To our readers who are young women, people of color, LGBTQ+ identifying, disabled, or feel in any way that your safety is all the more compromised by this, please take to heart that we are thinking of you and that we hear you.

Tonight, April 7th at 5:30pm, Senate will be hosting a community gathering in honor of Haruka on the East Mall. If you feel that connecting with your peers in this time would be beneficial to you, we hope that you will attend.

Continue to take care of yourselves, Longhorns, and look out for each other.


The Liberator Team


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