Written by Varun Hukeri as part of the series of event coverage for Liberal Arts Week.

An education in the liberal arts leads to a plethora of opportunities and careers after graduation. One of these many paths is a career in a non-profit organization. Today, non-profits are 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organizations that pursue a certain set of goals. The Liberal Arts Council hosted representatives of three such groups, Brittany Yelverton of Girls Empowerment Network, Collin Acock of Equality Texas Foundation, and Gabriella McDonald of Texas Appleseed, to talk about their organizations, passions, and how non-profits can complement a liberal arts education.

Yelverton’s organization focuses on the empowerment of women and girls, Acock’s organization focuses on LGBT advocacy, and McDonald’s organization focuses on social and economic justice through the legal system.

Each advocacy is unique, but all three unequivocally state that a liberal arts education has enhanced their abilities in the nonprofit sector.

For Acock, a liberal arts background has helped improve his research and argumentation skills, and his advice to liberal arts majors is to get involved in event planning for non-profits, which helps develop marketing, accounting, and networking skills. Furthermore, McDonald stated that her experience with government courses has aided in understanding the world of policy and nonprofits. She stressed the importance of college students volunteering at non-profits to gain experience. Finally, Yelverton praised her liberal arts background because it equipped her with the critical thinking skills needed to be successful in any career. She concurred that volunteering and fundraising opportunities are critical to anyone interested in a career in a non-profit organization.

Non-profits are a great opportunity for liberal arts students to utilize their diverse toolbox of skills, and with a seemingly constant supply of issues and causes, getting involved in the advocacy of nonprofits has never been more rewarding.

Start by volunteering or getting an internship, and upon graduation, your education and skills can open yourself up to a whole new world of opportunities in the nonprofit sector.

Featured image by Liberal Arts Council.


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