Written by Niti Majethia.
Originally published as part of the Spring 2018 “Rebirth” Issue.
The dark in you will say what it wants..
never listen to the darkness
listen to the art
the art that lights up all your insides
when you talk about what you love..
compassion that flows within you
when you release the longings of your soul.
And when you look at the scars in your heart,
remember that they’re roadmaps
to the grand adventure you are becoming.
Your light and love that bleed into each other like stars
as you slowly become a constellation of all the stories
that make you who you are.
And in the grand scheme of things,
this darkness has no power over you..
because you are more than this.
More than this skin.
More than this body.
More than everything they want you to be.
Because you are more than what they see-
you are the universe untamed,
wild and free.

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