Written by Hira Vayani.

Graphic by Peyton Cabaniss.

Originally published as part of the Spring 2018 “Rebirth” Issue.


I wake up; it’s time

College has been on my mind – for years

Growing up, college was never an if; it was a when

It’s almost time for my first class – I’m a complete mess

What will it be like?

I survived.

The next day comes,

The next day goes

Everything appears so closed:

People, feelings, life

I miss home,

The familiarity, the food, the lights

Everyone here is so smart, so talented, what do I have to offer, I ask

I continue on and say everything will be okay, there’s always the next day

I am lost,

I am scared,

I do not know what I want to do;

Who I want to be

Seconds, minutes, days continue

College has been quite the adventure

New people, new subjects, a new life

Although I am afraid that I will not succeed,

Life will go on and I will continue to breathe.

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