Written by Sophie Corless.
Graphic by Peyton Cabaniss.


What happens on an infomercial,
When the late-night viewer falls asleep?
When the commercial,
Has no viewers, do the glimmering products weep?


Where does the flash go,
After blinding an unsuspecting star?
Does the camera hold the photo,
And treasure it as a new piece in his repertoire?


Does a magazine feel remorse,
For printing less than truths?
Do the pages regret not checking the source?
Does the ink feel proud of becoming proof?


Do dollar bills throw parties,
When the convenience store is closed?
Does the register light up like Studio 54, glimmering and starry?
Or does the register lie awake mourning the money that is owed?


When I’m on my phone instead of doing homework,
Do the pages feel neglected?
Do they say of course and smirk?
When I finally start, do they whisper well that was unexpected?


Does the clock at the office notice when I’m late?
Will he eventually tell on me and seal my fate?
Does my cubicle love his depressing gray color?
Or is it his mission to find a shade that is even duller?


Does my debit card feel used,
Being swiped day after day, constantly abused?
Does she anticipate my insufficient funds,
Or does she politely act stunned?

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