Written by Mary Jo Gould.
Graphic by Emma Robinson.


It seems to always be the topic of discussion

Almost to the point it gives me a concussion.

I have never climbed a mountain, 

Never been skinny dipping in a fountain.

There are no obstacles for me to overcome. 

Unless you consider where I have come.

The challenge that I face,

Isn’t something people where people can keep the pace.

It is a constant struggle, 

Of figuring out how to juggle

The two choices you have in life. 

One option is to choose the afterlife. 

To discover if there really is something after,

Or if we only get to hear the laughter

In this light that we live in now.

The second option requires you to somehow

Figure out how to survive,

To live past the age twenty-five.

Especially in a world where there are 

So many ways to put yourself on the sidebar,

And live life in the eyes of others 

Including those of your mother’s, 

When you take your last breath alone

But this fact is already well known.

Yet we constantly put ourselves up for the challenge 

To discover new ways to please,

To figure out how to appease,

Everyone but the one who truly matters.

The challenge is to love who you are

More than you love those who keep the door ajar.

The challenge

Is not some adventure in the world

That makes life seem like the dreamworld.

It is life itself.

The ability to accept yourself,

And outlive this world of lies

Where at some point everyone dies.

Making the choice of choosing to survive,

Instead of taking the dive

Into the unknown world of dark.

You will end up leaving a remark

On how you overcame the Challenge itself.

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