Written by Ryan Mata.
Graphic by Emma Robinson.

So far

I have done

      a simple service

          to my memories,

and that is to remember them.

But I haven’t remembered 

        so much as 

            I have “just managed” 

                to not forget. 

When I look in my own eyes 

I think,

“I am a passenger in this journey,

but a driver in my own right.”

“If things pass me by,

receive them

for what they are

      internalize them 

for what they’re worth

            remember them

            for what they mean.”

People will let the garbage pile up

in their kitchens

        in their lives

            in their minds,

but then won’t feel like taking it 

to the dumpster

        to the street

            “out of here.”

And so it is not really trash yet.

And so it builds up

until we are stepping in it 

        until we are swimming in it

            until we are

            “up to our necks” in it.

Well, I am “up to my neck” in it.

I have “just about had it to here” with it.

        I’m not satisfied

            learning how to

                live with it. 

(Even though that’s the normal thing to do).

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