Written by Hector Osegueda.
Graphic by Emma Robinson. 

And there we were 

The air, how brisk and free as it flurried past

                                                                        up  up                 

                                                                    up         up

As we trekked I couldn’t help but look up               up and admire the behemoth   

We ascended, in awe 

And up there, I thought of before 


And how constrained


How limited I felt


But now 

Now the      





Gives us perspective

And calls us to action 


The descent was meditative as our alpine surroundings gave us assurance 

A vestigial tranquility that certainly none of us have felt since then 

A sense of security that once was familiar but now is lost 


When we reached our fire late in the night, we knew all was well

For we had been sculpted

Changed by


A curative experience

One that could be accomplished only in the Rockies 

Our affliction was the cause of various mazes

The creation of life and subsequent emotions

However, behold the grander


   For as Stanley once said        

  the things the summer visitor never forgets

  and having enjoyed once 

  desires to enjoy again

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