Written by Aryan Bhalla.
Graphic by Quynhmai Tran. 

Should I,

Rest as I do; aimless; like a polarizing wind

or must I

rise above these clouds?

Shrouded in mystery as my destiny and the stars

hide behind these clouds.

Compounded in labor as my life

shies away behind these clouds.

Groom my wings and face my fears,

Should I wait for the thunder to pass,

Or set sail and fly above these clouds?

Or should I seek new skies,

and sway away from these clouds?

If my wings hurt, should I cry,

Or pull my weight above these clouds?

In my new pastures, if stark terror with stormy weather arises,

That remind me of these clouds,

Do I seek a bluer sky,

Or stand my ground before those clouds?

One thing remains clear.

I will never have oneness

Until one day,

I fly above all clouds.

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