Written by Olivia Oswald. 
Graphic by Quynhmai Tran.

In a nursery lies a sleeping girl,

Dreaming of bliss beyond the stars.

Forever wishing for an adventure,

Something she can hold close to her heart.

She sleeps between the veil

Of the unconscious and the aware,

Soon she’ll feel his presence,

Waking her up to hold his stare.

His nearness is alarming, 

She believes he’s full of light.

He takes in all her beauty, 

Her rosy cheeks and eyes so bright.

She dares to lean towards him,

To take a look into his eyes,

But once she sees his eyes go dim

She tries to run and hide.

His arm reaches out to grab her,

Wrapping wholly around her waist.

She tries to cry out in terror,

But his other hand soon covers her face.

John and Michael stay sleeping with ease,

Whilst their sister is faced with dread.

Her brothers’ snores drown out her pleas,

As they remain sound asleep in bed.

Gravity no longer exists.

Her feet, they touch no ground,

And yet the boy is smiling. 

He knows what he’s lost has been found.

Soon they reach their destination,

In a treehouse empty of all light.

He locks the door behind him,

Leaving her alone to face the night.

At first his touch burns her skin,

Poison runs throughout his veins.

Her weeps consume the broken silence,

Emptying her of all that remains.

But then his poison begins to taste sweet,

Her burning wounds are healed with his magic.

His protection and comfort provide her with heat,

She no longer sees being taken as tragic. 

Overtime she learns his name:

“Peter Pan of Neverland.”

There are stories written about his fame,

And yet alone he stands.

She begins to see his kindness,

The tender glow shining in his eyes

And she can’t help but wonder,

If he’s known love of any kind.

The sympathy she holds for him

Begins to grow and build.

As the years pass by she comes to know,

In his care she’ll be fulfilled.

She soon expresses her love to him,

Which to her is returned.

They’re to stay together, now and forever, 

Her trust no longer needing to be earned.

And as I remain here in Neverland,

The same young girl once full of blissful dreams,

I know that my Peter Pan will always love me,

For his Wendy Darling can never leave. 

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