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William Moessinger 0

Student Economics: The Obstacles of Divestiture

Written by William Moessinger. Originally published as part of the Spring 2016 “Narrative” Issue. In 1977, student protestors at Hampshire College made history when they successfully protested for the divestment of companies headquartered in apartheid South Africa. For decades, economic forms of protest such as boycotting and legal sanctioning had been effective political tools, but at the height of the apartheid […]

General Content 0

Snapchat and Yik Yak Might Actually Be Legitimate

Written by Rebekah Edwards. As the use of technology and social media continues to expand, the intensity of the debate over its capacity to alienate one from engaging in personal interaction has grown with it. Naturally, colleges and universities are social media hubs since they contain a high concentration of teens and twenty-somethings, the primary users of social media sites […]

Kristi Kamesch 0

Anonymous Internet Threats Fan Fire of Campus Carry Anxiety

Written by Kristi Kamesch. On October 5th, the 4chan “threatening web post,” as named by the UTPD, circulated UT students’ social media platforms. The post is one in a series of threads that use identical wording to make threats against a city or region. It mimicked the threat that preceded the shooting at Umpqua Community College in Oregon on October 1, […]