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Amina Amdeen 0

Funny For A Woman

Written by Amina Amdeen. Images provided by Kaci Beeler and Nancy Norton. Of all the universal truths, “laughter is the best medicine” is my favorite. Not only has it endured the test of time, as proven by the continued importance of jokes in every culture, but it has also withstood countless social transformations. No matter what upheaval we experience in our […]

JoJo Phillips 0

Republican No Hitter

Written by JoJo Phillips. Near the end of the second Republican presidential debate, CNN’s Jake Tapper lobbed a slow and easy softball up to the candidates: “Earlier this year the Treasury Department announced that a woman will appear on the $10 bill. What woman would you like to see on the $10 bill?” Tapper’s query looked like a softball but there […]