Written by Hira Vayani.

Images by Hira Vayani.

The College of Liberal Arts is home to incredible faculty, degree plans, and, well, women.

In honor of International Women’s Day, I decided to display the beauty and thoughts of women from the College of Liberal Arts with photography and words. I asked these women what they hope to accomplish with their liberal arts education, and what they love about being women. I have been overwhelmed by the ambition and optimism each of these women possess— they are truly amazing.

Emma | Anthropology

emma 3rd image hira article

Emma told me about her passion for anthropology and discovery. After graduating from UT, she would like to obtain a Masters and Ph.D. in forensic anthropology to continue to explore new places and learn about people. She proceeded to tell me about how being a woman is amazing because “There is something I think, like, personally people who say I can’t do something; I want to prove them wrong. I am a woman, and I can do it just as well — possibly better than they can.”

Jada | International Relations & Global Studies

jada image hira article

Jada, born in Japan, raised all around Texas, has a deep passion for making the world a better place. She would like to make steps towards making the world more equitable by ensuring that people have access to necessary education and equal opportunities. She is an advocate for marginalized communities, and as a woman loves to be unapologetic — as she said, “ feminism in my life is refusing to be silenced.”

Nima | Plan II & Neuroscience

Nima image for hira article

As a student pursuing dual degrees, Nima, has been exposed to both COLA and CNS. She would like to work in the field of healthcare. When I asked her about how her liberal arts education will support her in this endeavor she replied, “Some article by some person said that we know how to take care of the sick and not the dying… liberal arts and literature are important in understanding people’s pain.” Additionally, as a woman, she said, “I feel like I have this built-in support system with any girl I talk to or make eye contact with… it’s nice to have that network.”

Priyanka | Government

image priyanka for hira article

Priyanka is passionate about advocating for marginalized communities that can bring change into this world. She would like to incorporate this passion into her future career, whether that be law school or something else. As a woman, she is proud of where she has come from, and loves how “women look out for other women… there is something very unique and empowering about that.”

Jordee | Government and Writing & Rhetoric

jordee image for hira article

Jordee would like to spread justice and equality in the world to help marginalized communities. By doing this, she hopes people in these communities will be able to reach their notions of success. Two things she loves as a women, “one of them is: you get a clear vision of what the world is — you have to experience oppression constantly. Second, I like proving people wrong.”

These are only a fraction of the incredible women in the College of Liberal Arts — and around UT (if I included every inspiring woman on the UT campus; this article would be longer than a textbook). All of the dreams, aspirations, and goals these women — any women — possess are significant. Remember to support your fellow female friends and those around you. With current political and social climate, it is important to create a network full of encouragement and positivity.

Happy International Women’s Day.

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