Written by Hira Vayani as part of the series of event coverage for Liberal Arts Week.

After hard work and planning the Liberal Arts Council administered a week full of events to enhance the life of liberal arts students, creating interest, knowledge, and awareness of the vast opportunities a liberal arts education can offer.

One event was for students to write a love letter to liberal arts, so here we go.


Dear liberal arts,

We have a love-hate relationship, I must admit.

You have allowed me to dive into worlds of knowledge I did not even know existed. I am able to observe the beauty of the world through ancient texts, colorful languages, and deep ideas. I have the opportunity to learn about what makes the world so complex –– not the molecules, but the people within it — culture, language, interaction, life.

You have given me the strength to defend my perspectives because I have learned from the past. I know why tragedies persist; I want to solve them.

You have made me aware. I can talk about topics ranging from philosophy to history to economics. I may know too many arbitrary facts, but I am not ignorant.

However, while I do write about the glorious additions you have given my life, let’s not forget the endless reading and infinite essays. They make life rough.

While I do lay awake some nights and wonder why I have decided to maintain a relationship with you — natural sciences will give me a solid path, engineering will give me a secure job, or business will make me popular — I would not have it any other way. You have allowed me to solve dynamic problems and, eventually, change the world.

Love always,

A liberal arts student


Although being a liberal arts student may be overwhelming at times, remember why you decided to pursue this path. With the immense opportunities available in and out of the UT campus, you can accomplish great things.











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