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Category: Hira Vayani

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My Journey So Far

Written by Hira Vayani. Graphic by Peyton Cabaniss. Originally published as part of the Spring 2018 “Rebirth” Issue.   I wake up; it’s time College has been on my mind – for years Growing up, college was never an if; it was a when It’s almost time for my first class – I’m a complete mess What will it be […]

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The South Asian Dilemma

Written by Hira Vayani. Many South Asian children’s earliest memories include their family and a stethoscope. It’s the child’s 4th birthday, and they have received a doctor’s kit as a present. This is just the beginning of the continuous career conditioning, as most people in the South Asian community have a narrow definition of success, due to cultural and societal […]

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The 21st Century Muslim

Written by Hira Vayani. Careful, condemned, curious are some words I would describe my experience as a 21st century Muslim. “… You terrorist,” yelled a driver as I walked near the UT campus. On my way to the mosque one night, a man reprimanded me because I decided to wear a religious symbol, a headscarf. While Austin may appear liberal, […]

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The Value of a Liberal Arts Degree

Written by Hira Vayani Unemployment, easy, useless––these are some common words people use to describe a liberal arts degree. These ignorant statements, however, are only possible through language, which has been developed through culture––the core of liberal arts. The reason this ignorance persists is that many people do not know what liberal arts means. Some people think those who pursue […]