The Unstoppable Jaguar

Written by Bahareh Sharafi.

Graphic by Peyton Cabaniss.

Originally published as part of the Spring 2018 “Rebirth” Issue.

The astounding motivation of African Americans is why the significant progression that will take place for Black America can only be described in one word: phenomenal. The compassion, the sleepless motivation and the initiation of ambition that revolves around these humble individuals will reveal itself. This suppressive cloak of invisibility that has oppressed these people and that has tried erasing history for hundreds of years has dissipated in the air. History can no longer hide because the future will ignite that cloud of obscurity and illuminate all the undisclosed realities.

African Americans are beautiful not only through appearance, but through their exquisite capacity of knowledge. The impact they continue to leave on this world is incredible because they do not allow any entity to define who they are and what potential thrives inside their hearts. Due to the presentation of history, African Americans have not been presented with the praise that they rightfully deserve. ​History tends to hide elements that might degrade the flawless appearance of America. An example of an untold story in history was the enslaved individual who added improvements to the electric light bulb. History knows Thomas Edison as the white young, talented man who invented the light bulb, yet initially that invention was in essence impractical because it could not emit light for an extended period of time. History, however, fails to mention the vital fact that a cunning African American man by the name of Lewis Latimer employed carbon filaments to maximize the use and lifetime of the bulb. In addition, Mr. Latimer was the original draftsman for Edison’s invention. This particular untold story is compelling because it unveils two of the following concepts: Edison was not the mastermind behind an asset used by billions today and Americans are significantly misinformed due to the way in which society presents history. This piece of information is omitted from being dispersed into the books because of the unfortunate and continual discrimination inherent in this society. In addition, by not including this information, the authors of these textbooks believed that society would just think that a person of color never touched a light bulb. This is unacceptable and irresponsible. This form of intellectual concealment will not advance.

History will no longer be hidden in the eyes of modern and future generations. It is an inevitable fact that African Americans are and will continue to be one of the reasons in activating and perpetuating the progression of this nation on an intellectual and social basis. Even though they continue to endure hardship, people of color have become influential doctors, astute inventors and incredible executive leaders. The latter examples come to prove that the color of these people ​does not and should not serve as an impenetrable barrier for them to reach their ambitions and for their triumphs to be displayed in the limelight. Unfortunately, the public intrinsically judges others by the superficial means of their appearance. However, Black America is deaf to the opinions of those blind to justice.

Black America is a driven jaguar sprinting down a steep mountain. It is passing every wooden branch, every rigid rock and every prejudice predator that is standing in its way. History has depicted that many biased predators have tried ripping the hearts of their prey, trying to degrade them to nothing but their skin and bones. However, despite this unwarranted hatred, the jaguar continues to push forward. Whether it is by the means of limping or trudging, the jaguar knows not of the words “cease” or “end”. In fact, they use their predator’s derogatory diction and acrid action as a catalyst to persist rather than resist.

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